CIF Hellas

Council of international fellowship hellas

CIF Hellas (Council of International Fellowship Hellas) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit association. Greek alumni (social workers, special education teachers, youth leaders, psychologists etc.) of the Council of International Programs (CIP) USA founded CIF Hellas -the Greek National CIF Branch- in 1978. Read more →

International Exchange Program 2019

Professionals working in the field of Social Work / Human Services are invited to apply for the CIF Hellas International Exchange Program 2019. Read more →

32nd CIF international conference in Greece

September 2017, CIF Hellas in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Social Workers is hosting the next CIF Conference of CIP USA, CIF & ISP alumni from the past 60 years. The conference theme is METAKINESIS A key concept for personal and global stabilization. Read more →

Partners in Leonardo project

Leonardo Logo

Since October 2005, CIF Hellas has partnered with the Pammakaristos foundation, CIF France and the University of Maribor in Slovenia in training seminars for parents of people with disabilities. Read more →

Cleveland Conference

The 27th CIF Conference took place at the end of July 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio under the banner: Training Builds Bridges for a Changing World.
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